Thursday, March 4, 2010

I may whine, but really ...

Just a few reminders of the good stuff ...
  • Little March snowflakes, sweet and determined, a swansong. I miss them before they've flurried out of sight, absorbed by the ground, the too-warm air. Yet it turns into ...
  • A valiant for-real-even-if-non-accumulating snow, beautiful. I like its spirit.
  • At desk, with tea, water bottle keeping chill by the drafty window, candle, song from Moby's Play, Willa perched on crossed-leg lap, purring and drooling.
  • Sucio curled up on my bedspot amidst the sheets all day, making me feel deeply beloved (and, no way I could make the bed with that cute furry loveball there!).
  • Work accomplished, progress happening, bit by bit.
  • The lovely aftermath of acupuncture, that floating-on-cloud feeling. Have never gone in the midst of a cold before, got needles in the face! Wild. And, totally helpful. Feel better than since I got sick.

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