Monday, March 8, 2010

Boing! A glimmer

Taking multi-tasking to new levels here -- chews, swallows -- and I'm due to put on, well, I suppose a v light layer b/c -- sips sweet mint tea -- ridiculous springiness still going on out there. Seriously, there are nearly big boooiiiiingggg noises reverberating from outdoors-land.

[Heard on the radio today:
Woman: Seriously, I've never seen so many people smiling on a Monday.
Man: I
know. I drove here with my convertible top down!]

Where was I? Right, multi-tasking. [Plate in one hand, typing with other, bites in between, plus tea sips.]

Yes, I'm pulling on a light layer and heading out for my recording -- let's cross fingers for a novel tonight, no super-hard textbook filled with charts and figures -- ahhhhhhh! [Polishes off dark chocolate.]

So, while I shockingly didn't win the local writing content I entered (losing out to 79 other writers somehow doesn't make me feel at all bad), I do have glimmerings of exciting news, of the maybe-a-paying-client-or-two kind! Very exciting. Yes, I'm going to be a tease with it, but light all your candles and do your sacred, ancient, shuffling "paying clients for Shana" dances, please! When they come true, I'll say more, but it is super exciting to have multiple possibilities drawing closer.

Time to read!

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