Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Words! WordsWords (some words)

Well, OK.

I seem to have a large font going onscreen that I can't quite fix. SO, IT KIND OF MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I'M SHOUTING TO MYSELF. HI, EVERYONE! HOW ARE YOU? HAVE A GOOD DAY?

OK, I'll stop. That's just what it feels like.

I'm eating popcorn dregs, which brings me to an important question: how does one eat popcorn dregs? They're still crunchy and tasty, but very little-piece-y, challenging to eat. Busting out a spoon seems ... a little silly. A funnel! This is when one needs a funnel! Alas, I have no funnel. If only I had that green plastic one from my childhood ... the one that a friend who shall remain unnamed (hi, Christa) briefly took leave of her senses with and let me shove Top Ramen noodles through into her mouth. I dunno, we lived in the country, there wasn't much to do. It was my idea, it's true.

So, popcorn dregs.

Been a busy few days, kind of exciting. Went to Fitchburg, Mass. for the first time ever yesterday. About an hourish drive, northwest of Boston. Kind of fun to take a roadtrip, even a mini one. Met the CEO of the veterans' nonprofit I'd reached out to about doing pro bono work. Very, very cool organization. I interviewed her today (via Skype! first-ever Skype interview! craziness!) and will write an article about the new center they've opened on the grounds of and in partnership with a local community college. Goal is to see if we can't get it to a national pub. They need a million dollars to finish the center. Anyone got a million dollars lying around? Lemme know.

Stopped by Walden Pond on the way back. Think it was my first-ever wintertime visit. The whole thing is frozen solid -- people were ice skating, walking, playing hockey, and one guy was riding his bike on it. Me? I obeyed the "hazardous ice signs" -- that shit is scary! There were a bunch of deaths last year of people falling through the ice (not there), so I'm like ... I'll watch from shore, it's cool....

Then last night an interesting presentation on strength training for rowers. Can't believe how long it's been since I lifted. Feeling the motivation growing to get back to it.

Today, another meeting with another great freelancer; she was awesome. So cool to meet others "actually" doing (getting paid for) what I'm, um, trying to do, working on doing.... Lots of great info and inspiration and ideas there.

And NOW, now it's time for a weather vent. OK! We had this BIG ole storm predicted (scoff). Big ole. Like, everyone's watching too much news of D.C. and New York as of late. So, everyone gets all excited -- and what? Hardly anything! We're talking, schools closed (I show up for my weekly Mauricio date, and I'm like, um, where are the people who should inhabit this school...?), hardly any traffic out, people in buying frenzy at Trader Joe's (W Coasters, remind me to tell you about French Toast Alert at some point), and there's like some snow falling ... some ... but none sticking! And there was a big afternoon storm warning (that they finally cancelled), and it was all silly. And disappointing. And here's the thing -- those people in D.C. and elsewhere?? They are taking our snow! I'm convinced! They're hogging it! Why won't they share?? Geez.

But I will say, it's supposed to fall through the night, and walking out of boxing (awesome workout! the wanting-to-throw-up kind! awesome! love it! more!), I was a leetle more impressed -- the wind has picked up, so you kind of get that stinging-snow-into-face effect. And it's starting to stick. Starting. Just now. See what I mean? So, perhaps I will wake up to a snowy-white world tomorrow, but I dunno. No breath holding (which would be sort of a bad thing overnight anyway).

So. There ya go. Little word blast here.

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