Thursday, February 4, 2010

Much with the good

Boy. Big excitements in the day. And, and yes with the progresses. Even starstrucknesses, in a career way. I'm only not all exclaimy and shouty (SHOUTY) about it because, really, I could sleep at this point and the acupuncture, it makes me mellow.

But --

-- Potential work, of the exact kind I'm aiming to do (tho still nonpaying, as of yet), with TWO cool nonprofits, one of whom ... I'm enthralled by! Starstruck! Like, one of my dream organizations to work with (at least from an outside perspective) ... Partners In Health! ! ! Them of the Mountains Beyond Mountains? Them of the much recent news coverage because of all their work and presence in Haiti? Them who went into one of the poorest of the poor countries and set up an impressive, effective healthcare setup ... and ... and. Wow. So I'm supposed to talk to someone there tomorrow to see in what capacity my writing skills could help them (hell, I'd address envelopes).

-- Also, Veterans Homestead, talked to their exec director today and meeting with her next week, so I gots to put together some ideas and a proposal, exciting and new territory. But exactly what I need to be doing.

-- AND, and, spent a chunk of the day dealing with most every kind of insurance in my life in one way or another (uggghhhhhhh .... guess which was the worst? yep, health), which was so not fun, phone mazes of the soulsucking variety, but I finally DID shit I've been putting off for months, in some cases, I'm sorry to say. Now, done.

-- And, AND, found the library books. Um, yeah, left them at the school. Oops.

-- Last one, a run today along the frozen Charles. Cold (^$@&*% cold), but beautiful and glorious. Made it for 30 minutes before my knee was like, um, HI, whatcha doin' there? Of course, I'd gone out for longer than that, so a little walking on the way back. S'OK. Headed to the upper upstream, fun to run along where I row, see it from shore, check out the ice (still some open water in the middle, bet that won't last long with these temps) and the bridges. Just so beautiful. At my turnback point, I stood on a little rock and looked at the gray-black ice and felt the cold cold wind, looked up and saw the sun shining but distant, beginning to recede, those beautiful bare branches against the sky and just ... saw all the greatness. Headed back smiling.

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