Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An unconventional bedtime story

It's past my bedtime. Again. Have you noticed that? It's always past my bedtime. A typical rower problem; early bedtimes solve many of our problems, and only slightly preclude having a social life. Still working on that one.

Anyway, because it's bedtime and I'm ready, I'll sign off with a short random story.

In my (kickass) boxing class tonight, we were all standing around during a brief break between rounds and somehow, and I really wish I could remember how this came up because it's really quite random, our instructor, a young, very fit, former Marine, a good guy, tells us he's missing toes on one of his feet. (Like I said, I *really* wish I could remember how this came up.)

We're all staring at him, kinda in disbelief, half laughing, saying "Really?" And he assures us, yes, it's true, his foot got run over by a lawnmower and he lost two toes. Apparently his grandfather was driving it.

So now it's a mix of "Oh my god! Really? Damn!" And I'm thinking and saying, "Missing toes totally affects your balance, right?" And another guy says, "How old were you?"

And our instructor says, "Yeah, but I've adapted," to which I say, "Well, clearly," and he also says "I was five."

So then to prove it, I guess, he pulls off his sock (no shoes on the mat) and, sure enough, there's his foot with the big toe, and I think the third toe missing. And what looked like a little chunk out of the side of the ball of his foot, below his big toe (or maybe it was a little closer to the arch of the foot).

It was crazy. Ain't life random?

That's your bedtime story, off to bed with all y'all!

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