Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Actionpacked -- and the boy again

Awoke to a snow ground covering, so we know that makes me giddy. Unfortunately, a very light covering, but still, white stuff.

A little more came down through the morning. I have a window in my shower, so I can look up and see snowflakes coming down. Makes me grin like a kid.

And now, mid-morning, the sun's come out. (sigh) But what's cool is that there's either still a little little bit of snow coming down, or it's getting blown off branches and roofs, because sparkly, glittery particles of white are coming down. And they really are sparkly and glittery. Guess the sun's good for something after all.


Darktime! Y'all know the drill -- couch, Sucio working on bravery nearby, candlelight, tonight, Ray LaMontagne accompanying.

Good boxing class tonight, some fun new drills. Oh, and guess what? No, no bleeding, but he had us doing a combination with the right elbow (remember, bleeding down arm onto floor a week and a half ago?), and I did get to see the scab fly off in pieces. Pretty gross, even for me, right? But see, I'm really a 5-year-old inside, and sometimes she grabs the keyboard....

Have some little baby connections going to cool public health nonprofits, and a few freelancers I'm finding (think I mentioned this -- am I getting repetitive in my old age?), so that feels good, like right steps. Another cool thing -- tomorrow I'm talking to a woman I reached out to a few weeks ago about potentially doing some pro bono work (yes, I know, someday, sooner than later, it's got to get to paid, but this felt worth it and right to do) -- she founded a private organization with services for veterans and their families, so it feels like a very good thing to support. So, we shall see. Progresses, little progresses. And with the planning, progresses there, too. Think I'm thinking about and having the right instincts for the right kinds of things, it's just giving myself a structure and a plan so I can prioritize. So every day isn't digging through the list of possibles and debating/deciding. Well, that'll probably still happen, but I'll have a guide through it.

Oh -- Mauricio! I almost forgot, promised an update. So, with The Mission yesterday for worm books (partially filled, there WAS a "worm lizard" [I kid you not] on one of the pages), I took those two (um, and where did I PUT them? damn. damn.) along with a few other of the insect-y, creepy crawl-y genre. When I showed him, he didn't seem entirely convinced, so he grabbed a shark book from the book cart, and off we set for the classroom (when the weekly lunchdate goes down).

There was a lengthy debate (internal, his) about which book to read, and the sharks almost won, but I think the worm lizard was ultimately persuasive, so that's the one we read. He seemed into it. It's hard to tell. Kid really doesn't talk much. I'll get a few lines each session, and I'm taking those gladly! I also got to witness the fluorescent Trix yogurt he was eating, it was a little crazy; my mom would be appalled.

So, yeah. We have me reading a book filled with facts about snakes and chameleons (he did inform me he'd never seen one of those) and oh yeah, the worm lizards ... and prompting him to eat every page (he gets a little engrossed and apparently his mother sent a plea for more lunch eating) ... but I think it's working. We've established he has 2 brothers, and he's the middle kid. And he doesn't have pets. And, seemingly, he likes the nonfiction worm-type books. We'll see. I'm thinking -- some crucial foundation-laying for a solid relationship, right??

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