Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Socks for dinner?

There is a very upset, crying child in the house above. Certainly some kind of little-child gathering going on up there. Long as it's not after bedtime, I leave it be.... I mean, hey, at least they're not in my living room, right?

Darktime out, nearly 6. But it is getting darker later. A bit. It is. Sucio just decided Natalie Merchant is Scary. Oh, I'm sorry, she was OK, it's Dido who's Scary.

The days, they go quickly. In blinks of eyes. I think I've been saying that since the beginning, haven't I? No announcements about the (whispering) (office) because I'm afraid it will summon a tsunami that will reach Brookline, or one room in Brookline, and destroy the now-cleared floorspace. So perhaps a little superstitious room (ha) is called for here....

So, what can I tell you of my now? Willa is staring intently into the radiator. There are candles going. Good conversation with a friend, many of life's depths and challenges and mysteries visited. And -- and -- hm. Weather.com is still being a tease, keeps nudging snowfall start time back by a few hours at a time, now showing 2 a.m. But at least still showing! My hope is that'll mean a day of snowing tomorrow. So far, so good. And maybe XC skiing Thursday?? Maybe??

OK, on to the day's Mission. Made it to the library, made it back with 2 books, but neither quite, quite about worms. sigh. I know. But, I saw SOME kind of worm on one of the pages, so all isn't lost. And, they're about creepy crawly lizardy slithery things, so my hope is, they'll work. Full Mauricio-reaction report tomorrow.

2 funny library notes: 1) I saw a book titled: Lobsters, Gangsters of the Seas, which is funny, but somehow in my head, I read it as "Gang Members of the Seas," which was way funnier. Like lobsters wearing colors and flashing signs? With claws? C'mon, a little funny! And 2) for anyone not well-versed in checking out kids' books (me), you apparently are supposed to check them out in the kids' section (and wait, if no one's there) because, and this is a direct quote, the adult checkout sections is, like, "10 million times busier." 10 million! Isn't that amazing? I wonder how they came up with that precise number? Librarians are precise, so perhaps she stood there and counted all day? Huh. Amazing. 10 million times busier....

Last note of the night, for those of you inclined to worry about me a bit, let me reassure, there is plenty going on in the days for my new endeavor that doesn't involve loafing, lounging, boxing or outside activities, children's libraries, or any of the other things I ramble about; there is daily action and planning and writing and sometimes editing and little a-has, and sometimes big a-has, and space ordering and conversations and emails and meetings and thinking, lots with the thinking, and little bings and researching and oh, whatever else happens in my days. It's just that this stuff isn't always so fascinating to write about, or it's all so new-still-rising-dough-y-not-yet-ready-for-baking that sometimes I'm not ready to fling dough bits around (gets messy you know ... dough in the eye, never pretty). And then I'll realize I haven't said much about productivity progress income etc. etc., and everyone will think I'm boiling socks for dinner. Or perfecting handstands all day. So, the official word: Nope, no socks for dinner. I have time and breathing room, which I'm using, but also progressing.

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