Thursday, February 25, 2010

a lower-case kind'a night

dried banana with peanut butter, scraping last of the jar.
have my pandora "moby" channel playing, which is mellow but with a beat, a little trancey. right for the mood.
and yes, it's a lower-case kind of night.

it's raining out, day 2 going on ... 5 more? 10? the weather report keeps shifting, but we all know by now that when it says rain/snow ... it means RAIN. such a bummer, just gradually accepting that really, we had barely any snow this winter, and it's almost over (sniff). guess it's a case of be grateful for the traces we got. the wind is blowing mightily, so that makes it a little more exciting and storm-like. little saving grace. i looked at snow conditions for western mass., a few places got 15 or 20 inches! so, the skiing's good somewhere, just not here....

just loose-limbed thoughts bouncing around in the skull here.

really starting to get focused on productivity and specific efforts and what do i need to be doing to get to some income. feels like the time is now to do this, and even though scary, amping up the real factor of what i'm doing, it's also more exciting ... yeah, feels like time. like all the pieces i've been mulling and playing with and the reachouts i've started ... time to weave it all together into a big ole ... afghan? hm. how about stitch them together into a big ole glorious quilt? like that imagery a little better.

did this exercise today where you brainstorm for a few minutes each on what your beliefs are around 5 areas: money, success, relationships, business, and time and ability with time. you're supposed to write down anything at all that comes up, but the focus is on finding what your beliefs are that limit you. it was interesting to do. some beliefs worth poking around a bit more, think about shifting. the time one in particular i seem to have some gremlins around.

the wind howls
the candle flickers its triple flame
the cat crunches food
i skip the too-ampy pandora song

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