Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, morning dawning

[A pre-postscript here, attempting to write while Willa shares my lap with laptop and leans against arm -- uh, paw to nose, nearly claw to lip ... this no-petting business isn't working for her ... as she backbends, trying to spot the dastardly non-petting hands ... what was I going to say here?? Oh, that I'd completely forgotten I'd written this -- wound up pursuing a few adventures after a productivity bout yesterday and then straight-to-bed-late once I got home. Then today, I find this. Surprise!]

Just after 6 a.m.
Watching the sky get light.

About 20 minutes ago, it was still dark out, but I was surprised to just barely discern a strip of blue, there amongst the darkness. A strip of somehow light bright blue, surrounded by barely visible -- half imagined -- clouds, tinged pink. All in the dark.

A few minutes later, the blue a little more pronounced, along with smudgy cotton-candy clouds. Then, higher up, a little stronger patch of blue.

I open my laptop and am blinded by screen glare.

Now, the sky lightens, and the blue is of the palest, the clouds deepened to purple.

Hi Purple -- not always such a fan, but in cloud form, you are lovely indeed.

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