Monday, February 22, 2010

When words are lost, complaints are left

I'm swearing right now in serious, for-real (&%@%& annoyance.

And I'm HATING the (NON)functionality of this ... this blogspot entity!

You'd think it nearly unimaginable that it would have such failings with autosaving and with not saving and/or returning you back to a page when it required you to log in, AGAIN, wouldn't you? I sure would.

And yet, we'd both be wrong.

So, you're getting a venting post about the failings of blogspot because what I wrote earlier is gone, gone, gone, baby.

Losing my words would be one of my most massive pet peeves of all time. It's right up there -- SYNONYMOUS in fact -- with inefficiency and wasted effort.

God. Annoying. I'll attempt to recreate, but it's nigh timing to be heading out for the fun reading-out-loud volunteering.

Apparently the very low-tech backup of copying and pasting frequently into text documents is warranted. Oh, the complaining in my head.

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