Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, you know, my brain

Surprising news here: the soundtrack to Elegy? Really not uplifting. Surprising, like I said. But pretty. I'm tired, so I can be one with it.

Did my recording tonight for my favorite nonprofit recording people. Got to read a novel, which I was psyched about, jumped in to a few chapters in the middle (kept wondering what the listener thinks as readers switch -- if they develop favorites and then have to adjust to a whole new voice/feel), so had no clue what was going on, but was a little pleased it wasn't a marketing textbook (that will come, I'm sure). But the book had all kinds of Jewish names, and guess what I seem to have a large gap in knowledge about? Poor people. I'd stop recording, sigh or swear, muddle through how to pronounce, then start recording again. But I DID get to read a solid 2-page 1-sentence rant from one of the characters. Thought that was good stuff. I highly approve.

Edging closer to potential work (still unpaid) with both the interesting nonprofits, the next few days should yield more info. A person from one of them asked me the reasonable question, so how much time are you able to give us, and I was like: that's a good question! Tricky, feeling my way along things I don't know. I mean, it could totally depend on the project for how time breaks down, but I guess I pick a starting something.

Haven't been progressing much at all with the website, professional blog, and my online marketing community/courses, but what I'm doing feels important and more direct, though all the pieces are ultimately needed. Talking to a freelancer Friday who confessed her website still wasn't launched, 10 years in (although close), made me realize it really isn't a prerequisite to gainful freelancing (although I think a highly helpful component).

Boxing class, we're getting a little more direct, as in, contact with people (with body shields and padding) on some of our moves, so that's interesting. Got to make all kinds of friends with a guy as I wrapped my hands around his neck and worked on kneeing him. Yeah. Then there was the right cross/neck grab/left knee combo. Kinda funny. Interesting/strange. But good workout today, intense, like I like.

Other life bits ... nothing I want to directly wade into ... but stuff to make me muse about life's funny twists and turns, about the universe's sense of humor, about possibilities that yield further possibilities that might null earlier possibilities. Yes, that's vague. But also perhaps more universal that way.

Elegy music, candlelight and universe musings = bedtime here.

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