Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter wonder

It's snowing!

Now this is what winter's supposed to be! Had a friend from yoga say "you are hard to please, friend" on the weather front -- to which I protested -- but I'm not. It's winter, in Boston, all I want is snow....

Best snow sight seen from my office window:
  • A guy walking by in short sleeves. Huh. Jacket at his side. Lots of snow gathering at the front of his hair.
And now, it's bedtime, for real, been doing a lame super-early bedtime to go with an awesome super-early wakeup -- yay (I think?). But oh yes, there was some real snow today. And yes, it's winterlandy out there -- bee-yew-ti-ful. The branches, all well-coated in snow, like a thick layer. Amazing. Astonishing, even. Wish I could capture the images right out my window. Will try tomorrow.

OK, I was trying to upload photos, and after forever long, it said it did (lies!), but hell if I know where they are. So, that will be a tomorrow attempt. Cute gato photos, coming your way on the morrow. Now, go to sleep and dream of snow. Yes, right now.

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