Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures! With the pictures!

The only entertaining thing I really have to share is that courtesy of my boxing classes I'm crazycrazy loving, I'm as banged up as a 5-year-old on summer vacation. Scraped knuckles, knees, elbows -- even got a cool new mark on my upper arm. Awesome. To me, it's a mark of a life well lived, fully lived, banged up and happy and doing everything to the utmost. But it makes me laugh -- what grownup goes around all scraped up and bruised?? Apparently, Grownup Me.

OK, on to the promised pictures (think they'll display in a jumble, so I'm giving up on any clever captioning or ordering ... blogspot REALLY leaves a lot to be desired with its photo deal!). Apropos of nothing, except I haven't uploaded photos in a long while, I'm including some classic gato shots. Willa in particular has been in fine form. Suce is just awkward and adorable. And there are a few tree branches! with snow! shots.

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