Monday, February 1, 2010

Just flickers

All right, first with the accomplishment -- I am now officially qualified as a reader for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. Cool. And, I apparently "did beautifully" in my demo recording. Ha! Perhaps I should be a professional reader for a living??

It's nighttime, couch, candles, jammies, Neko Case, and now Sucio.

Some progress with the progressing today, yay. Finding some freelancers to meet with, that's a good thing.

Just realized I talked to both parents today. Huh, that doesn't happen often -- I mean, on the same day. Guess I should've called my brother and gone for the trifecta.

My San Diego spies tell me there was earthquaking there this morning. Aw, earthquakes, I remember those.

Good boxing class today -- headed for the "new" location and got lost in a new way this time (would've been disappointed if I hadn't), but still made it. Starting to learn a few kicks; my longstanding class has been only punches, until very recently. So, elbows and knees and kicks, oh boy. I managed to not bleed at all today, so there's something. True, I avoided throwing any right elbows until the scab is gone. But, kicks, kicks are fun. Kicky.

Look, Sucio's back.

I'm really rattling about, really, nothing, aren't I? I think that means bedtime. Tomorrow, an important mission: find a kids' library book on worms. Told you it was important. Yes, I'll do more than that tomorrow, but that's The Mission.

And, is being a total tease. It does keep offering Wednesday snow showers, so it better not retract those. At one point, it was showing snow showers for 3 or 4 days, but now only Monday. Damn. There's hardly any snow! If it's this cold, there should be piles of the stuff. Dammit.

And with that peevish thought, the gatos and I are goin' to bed....

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