Friday, July 2, 2010

My blogging brain ...

is apparently ready for a mini vacation! Good thing it's getting it; it's a camping weekend!

And the fireworks! I used to forget how cool fireworks are, but now I don't. Now I know.

I'll of course give you exciting updates at weekend's end if we get nearly eaten by bears or something.

And to be clear, I'm hoping that's not the update.

My brain and really, all of my self, is churning around with the job possibility. Second interview next week. I hafta say, there's a lot that's appealing, that's relieving, about the possibility of it. Well, and more than the possibility, the actuality of it (if it comes to be an actuality). There was an initial sad-burst, but that hasn't come back. It's just that, in so many ways, I'm ready. For something. This isn't what I had envisioned, but I'm definitely seeing possibilities....

And for a step back in time to what yesterday's post might've been, the yesterday-floating-thought had something to do with -- what do you do/what does it mean when things don't fall apart.

The tangible piece of this was rowing. Bad water in the basin. Yeah, again, shocker, right? And drills. And with the drills, I've noticed before that generally (not always), I either don't fall apart or fall apart less in bad water when we're doing drills. This isn't true for most, but I think it's because it generally (depending on the drill) tends to lessen the thing that freaks me most about basin water (the oar grab). It's an interesting thing.

So, we're doing drills, I do OK. Then. Then. Then. The devil on Coach Jeff's shoulder apparently takes over his brain and decides it is a good idea to have us attempt square-blade rowing. In the basin. In chop. OK, so it wasn't in the worst part of the basin, but still. The angel on his other shoulder relented and said if it needed to be 1/4 square, then OK.

I was not at all sure this was possible. But I began. And ... it was sorta OK. I wasn't even bringing up the rear, or even second-to-rear, which is rare in bad basin water. Of course, there is a slight possibility I was only 1/4 squaring in my head, but I am pretty certain the blade came out square, and that was the point. Of the drill. For me, there's probbably no drill I need more than square blade rowing. ayyyyyyyyy.

Anyway, to complete the thought ... the not falling apart in conditions that often result in that. Hm. Not something I'll assume is now the norm or that I've figured out/fixed something (premature assumption) ... but it is nice for a change.

The life parallel ... that part's still eluding me. Maybe the bears will tell me.

Happy, happy, happy fireworking, y'all!
Here's to Independence ... for real.

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