Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whiplash, of the exciting variety

This week is making my head spin!

No, there isn't yet a solution to the pink workout top (dangit), but I haven't given up hope for other colors yet!

The big news ... is ... that ... I ...

[am trying to drive you crazy!]

[no, no, that would be mean, haha]

got ...

a joboffer!

I did! It's crazy. Crazy how where you think you're going isn't where you wind up; how directions can shift, yet the basic path remains intact; how life sometimes takes you by surprise....

I surely wasn't looking for anything full-time, and I'm not giving up on the freelancing dream (in fact, I just got a new client, with another meeting next week, funny how that works), but what I feel like I'm doing is buying myself some time and space so the dream doesn't get ground up in the dirt ... under a bridge ... that I'd be living under if more-bigger income didn't start quite soon.

The salary is ... less than expected, and I'd adjusted those expectations down already. But, as several people have lovingly pointed out ... it's a lot more than I'm getting now, and it's a different economy and ... it's a job. In the realm I want, communications, in the industry I want, healthcare, giving me new experience, new learning, new people. So, good stuff.

But also a change and you know, those change demons.... I'm already starting to prep the gatos that they're gonna be each other's prime hangout buddies during the day now ... which makes me sad. I mean, they mostly sleep during the day, but I won't be here to SEE their adorable sleeping (it really is adorable). And ... I'll be out of the home, in a building, for set hours, doing set work. Yep, it's a job. It's a change. That I'm ready for, yet still a change.

It's been 8 1/2 months of a really good existence that I'm sorry in many ways to see end, but I trust it's an ever better existence coming my way in the immediate and long-term future.

And, the gatos will be grateful for continued food in their bowls.

So, it's barely seeping in, but the anxiety of the early part of the week helped me see a lot I like/am looking forward to about the job. And the reality of it will hit just in time for reality to be real. Funny how that works....

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