Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's that saying about mortals being crunchy & tasty with ketchup...?

Was it this toasty and humid last summer? Was it? Really? Maybe it's the lack of SNOW this winter past that just makes it all the hotter. I dunno.

OK, I up & had a brainflash and realized last summer didn't feel so hot because I was working in air conditioning ... ohhhhh....

Also, I'm a little afraid to say this out loud, except I can't see how rationally that would matter and it's not a rational thing to say anyway but ... I'm starting to have a fear I'm cursed. Or that the gods are mocking me. Either would be bad.

The shards of proof:
  • the perfect workout top I found a few months ago in all colors of the rainbow and when I went back for one more? the only color in my size? the v shade of pink I most despise! also, there was a cool orange one in a size above and below mine. see? mocking!
  • my website ... that feels more like a curse. it really doesn't seem so hard. just make the partial Spanish go away. but apparently that was hard. so then the programmer, in an effort to help, picked out and installed a new template for me! um, yay? but ... that's ... not ... the one ... I picked...?
  • then there is the meeting of intriguing new people, only to have them vanish like so many wisps of smoke. and the non-intriguing people? well, they apparently can't get enough of me. see? mocking!
  • then, most seriously, there's the job prospect that I'm getting increasingly nervous about. no, I can't really blame that on the gods. but, let's look at the progression, there's at least a hint of mockery in there: last thing I wanted was something full-time, then I stumbled across it with its seductive telecommute come-on, I apply, oops, that one's not available but how 'bout this one?? um, well, what's...? 2-day telecommute, well, guess that could ... Interview No. 1, good. Interview No. 2, good. writing test ... total unknown. no reference check over the past week and I'm supposed to hear this week? uh-oh....

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