Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2: Less head pain

at day's end! Not that I think I've even remotely turned the corner on brain stuffage, oh no. The iceberg hasn't even been fully seen yet. But I'll take less head pain.

Worst part of the commute seems to be on either end, esp my end. The drive up is pretty zippy and nice -- I come along the coast for the last part, and it always makes me happy to see the ocean. One day soon after work, I'm gonna stop and go wading, work clothes and all.

No, the traffic is definitely worst on my end, esp coming home. And for whatever reason, I can't seem to make it straight through Marblehead to my new workplace. No. I must always get lost and turned around first. Probably about the time I get it, we'll be moving -- hello new building in Danvers come fall.

So, all highly new yet, but so far so good....

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