Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Weekender: Not wanting to be over

They go fast, don't they, when the other five days are framed by work? I think I remember this.

Work week No. 2 is a little more daunting than week 1 where you can just be blissfully ignorant. Week 2, you start to get a sense of all the trains, buses and pedi-cabs whizzing around you, but you don't know enough to be effective directing traffic, jumping aboard or most anywhere. Ugh. May be a tricky month. But once all the processes and how-to's are under control, then life will settle and it'll be interesting to see what that life looks like.

Played fully and well today, so that was grand. In addition to outdoor playing, there was a little shopping -- have a whole new casual work wardrobe to build, you know.... The jury is still out on the new dress that might look too much like a maternity dress. It is very comfy (hush). At least it's not pink. And it has funky polka dots on it. Polka dots are awesome. So, we'll see. Oh! Speaking of not-pink, I managed to find the cool orange (just a wee Day Glo, but OK) workout top and returned the little-baby-girl bubblegum pink one ... yay! I just don't think I could've worked out in that ... unless it involved something in a mud pit, that would've been OK.

Now, I need my bed. Hoping for a calm, sane week, for me and for you all....

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