Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blame the blanket

I accidentally let the humidity in this morning. Oops. It felt like cooler air out there, and it was for a bit, but I forgot about the blanket that is humidity. Fans all going, still survivable. May be another a/c night.

So, it's a funny thing, that whole feast or famine thing, isn't it? May and June, pretty quiet on work fronts, yep. Now, I'm waiting to hear on outcome of second interview (it'll hinge on what they thought of my writing test and I just don't have a read on that), and suddenly two freelance maybes pop up. Ha.

To continue with those updates, website is not forgotten, waiting to see outcome of little technical glitch ... part of the site is currently in Spanish ... I know, funny, right? And the fix isn't quite as easy as it should be. Once that's done, I can finish with the linking and perfecting (for now) and ... um ... unleash it on the world? Right, right. Unleash, baby! Perhaps updated business cards will be the first step....

This was a far less than thrilling post, I must say ... blame the blanket. The gatos do. When I have a few more momentitos, I hafta tell you about my first attempts (there were 34ish successes, with help, a few more than that for total attempts) at a kick up to a handstand against the wall (to evolve to be a handstand pushup) ... scary! exciting! sorta fun! sore now!

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