Monday, July 12, 2010

The Weekender: Hampshiring

The weekend was all New Hampshire!

Saturday brought rain, progressing to downpour at points, which was so lovely. Perfect excuse to stay in and read (trashy reads a must -- I started The Da Vinci Code [yep, never managed to read], while, quite appropriately, my friend never did manage to work her way into her chaos theory book ... she'll protest how much she likes it & all, and it's true, and yet....), start a puzzle that had us all obSESSed (am trying to find a picture to share -- international manhole covers, so cool!), drink some tea/coffee, and then a little more ... it was really nice.

One of the highlights was the trip's instigator brought his 80-something Italian mother, and she was a kick. Told us stories about bygone times and people and was able to name any (current) movie star with the vaguest of descriptions -- highly satisfying for those forgotten names just on the tip of your tongue. And she made us dinner every night, adorable.

Pepper enjoyed the water of New Hampshire, but she only got a small taste. The Marine Patrol stopped me and nicely informed me I needed a life jacket in my boat. Oops.

Today brings that re-entry, feeling all the stranger and more ... displaced? for not quite knowing how my world may shift this week. I may get a job offer, which I'm quite inclined to accept, or I may not. Even though it's yet an unknown, not something to be counted on, I'm feeling the shift in my outlook about what I'll be doing next, and it makes me feel uncertain about what to do for the now. Keep plugging on freelancing? Well, yes, that's smart ... just not easy to do at the moment. (Website update: experiencing technical issues, not my doing or solving, thus waiting....) Apply to part-time stuff still? I dunno.... Start looking/applying for full-time ... uh...? My back-up plan if this job doesn't happen is to reach out to agencies more seriously, not just for part-time possibilities. Oh, all confusing. Makes my brain swirly. Mostly, want to know if I'll have a job offer....

It's the recording volunteering tonight ... let's have a group prayer, y'all -- please, please pleasepleaseplease please NOT the fire code of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please? Bible reading was better than that!

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