Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thoughts of the morning

OK, this was Friday's early morning thoughts, but I somehow forgot to post, and then the weekend happened. And kept happening. And now it's Sunday night.

Ah, Sunday night. The old full-time-worker's nemesis. Here's sincerely hoping it's different this time around.

Monday morning, 9 a.m., new job begins. And the universe tilts again. A new adventure, a new world, a new reality. Don't worry, you'll get the full scoop.

Now, back to those Friday morn thoughts....

Early morning.
All is quiet. Except for that one bird who really has something pressing to say. Repeatedly.
Buddha Bar station is playing something piano, quiet, mellow.

Hard to believe I'm starting work Monday. Back in an office, huh. I'm anticipating being fairly exhausted the first few weeks until I adjust back -- just being around people for the majority of the time when you haven't is exhausting. At least for me. Thus proving my belief that I am an I and not an E as Meyers-Briggs indicated. To be fair, it was a very close call, and what tipped me over was I was off the charts on expressive. But then you all already know that, don't you?

Anyway. Anyway. I'm already missing the gato couch time, nothing like working with two adorable furry beings on either side of you. Maybe they'll become better friends if they mainly have each other to hang out with. Maybe. Sucio has a new scratch on his head, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't from the couch. Of course, I've also seen him back the WillaMonster into a corner, playfully or not, I'm not sure, but it makes me feel better to know he's not 100% quaking marshmallow victim. But I do already miss them. I feel that way about them, my home and Boston when I have to leave for a trip. Guess it's a sign I'm in a pretty good place for me.

Going to have to do some serious schedule mulling these next few days -- have to set up my little routines to keep myself in food supply during the day (no small feat) plus fit all my activities in -- that one will def be trickier. But, it's good. It's time.

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