Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The main ... the two main ... OK, a few tiny updates

The brain, it is spinny; the eyelids, they would like to be closed.

The big highlight is, well, the two big highlights are:

1) We did not get eaten by bears while camping (there is some photo evidence of this, but given the screeching terribleness of the photo of me, no one shall be seeing that, outside of the campers, who have been exhorted to burn said photo [can you burn digital photos?] but there is probably another suitable one I can find. Of us not being eaten by bears.)

2) Interview numero dos today. Feel it went well, but the question mark is the writing test that I'm dying of curiosity to hear what they think about. May not know that til next week.

There was also firework awesomeness sandwiched in there, but I'm mostly asleep right now.

The fresh-breaking news update is that I just managed to install and turn on my portable a/c unit! ! ! Some of you know how huge this feat is for me.... Yes, we're in the midst of quite the swelter.

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