Wednesday, July 7, 2010

That which shall not be named

First, I thought about molasses. It was just so darn Southern. Moving slowly through the thickened air, the light somehow shifted as well, more diffuse.

Then the thought: Well, molasses is a little extreme. I mean, picture molasses. This isn't quite that.
Maybe syrup?

Personalitied, like you don't necessarily expect air to be.

Yesterday, stepping outside at 6-something (that's a.m.), into a wall of it.
Rowers, drenched from river exertions. Uni's dripping onto the locker room floor. Not from washing.
And it built from there.
One degree from a record tie, nailed 3 full digits.

Today, people outside Trader Joe's, blinking, almost stupid in the face of it.
Me among them.
Slightly stunned in their shorts and loose dresses, short haircuts.

Boston, summer.

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