Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time and goodness

My appreciation of weekend has grown exponentially with my number of days worked.

Really, they're simply lovely. Time to be in bed with kitties. Time to read in bed. In the morning. Time to put the house in order, time to lounge. Time for a slow shower. In my own shower. Time to eat from my refrigerator. Time to not worry how long the morning workout's taking, because the day is mine for living.

These are good moments in time.

Not sure what factor gets the greatest credit, but I'm sure enjoying just enjoying. All very mellow, happy, easy.

And, and, our heat wave finally broke! I think it lasted for a few months, I'm not sure, it just became the new reality. But yesterday morning, waking up to cool air was amazing. Today, all my fans are off, my windows open. Stunning. It's comfortable out. Crazy.

In short, life is good. Appreciation is good. Living in the moment of good, ditto.

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