Wednesday, June 30, 2010

With the adventures

No, beautitious blog not forgotten yesterday, but yowza, the last day and a half got interesting!

It began with Monday's crazy noon workout in the swelter. It was warmer out than I'd realized when poking myself out the door. But, with crazyrace in Aug (remember the slogan: You May Die ... how I love that), figure I needed a little heat training....

Anyway, I didn't die. Case you were wondering. What I DID do, however, was park right in front of a sign that said something quaint like "street cleaning 2nd & 4th Mon, 12 p.m. -[something]." It also said something about towing. None of this did I notice. To my and GreyC's eventual dismay. Yep.

So, along with the swelter, tomato face (OK all skin tomato, I think), still-pouring sweat & chalk coating (for pullups, my hands, they sweat. a lot. & I was clearly the loser in the chalk battle.) ... I needed to deal with finding & recovering my car. And a job phone call an hour and a half later.

Bottom line, it all happened, but not without some ferrying around and major emotional support. You know the (trite? is it trite now?) Beatles' line about getting by with a little help from my friends? Never has this been so true. In the midst of the hot headache the day turned out to be, I was repeatedly overcome with gratitude for friends who were my support posts every step of the way. It would've been 1,000 times worse without them, especially without you, my coconut-milk-ice-cream-on-porch dear friend, in particular.

There were more details about not having the debit card I was sure I'd left in my car to pay for it all (see friend gratitude, above), the bad scraping noise in the middle of Mass Ave bridge, me stopping then rethinking leaping out to check on the bridge, so inching across the bridge. Then the awesome Shell Station mechanic on Magazine who concocted a quick fix and a more stable fix the next morning ... ahhhh.

It was a day, y'all.

There was also a job interview set up for the next day (now yesterday, c'mon, keep up!).

Interview was in the lovely Marblehead, and my head's spinning from that, so that's to get its own entry, perhaps tomorrow. Interview was followed by a lovely time in nearby lovely Salem (it's a contest, how many times can I fit "lovely" in one lovely paragraph??) with a lovely new friend. Five. Do I win? Oops, I meant six.

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