Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The library world

I've made a good discovery here ... the library down the street.

Well, let's be clear, I've "discovered" this library before/already. But this is the first time I've headed here to work.

It's been long enough now in this new wonderful lifestyle of work-from-home, plus with nice weather, I start to get antsy to get out of my space for at least a little chunk of each day, and while I love cafes, there's the creeping guilt if you sit too long, there's the buying something as the fair price of taking up space ... thus, the finally-heading-out to explore my local libraries as alternate workspaces.

So far, so good. Except, the table is a little high for ergonomic correctness. We'll see what I can devise. Perhaps bring a pillow with me? Hm, perhaps not. Also, I think you aren't allowed/supposed to drink water inside the library. Suddenly, I'm overpoweringly thirsty. Blame the damn salty kale crisps at lunch.

The lights are a little fluorescent-y, but they're high up and are in little UFO light fixtures, so that's something. The molding around the ceiling is insane, amazing. And I'm in the room with big windows, lots of natural light. And a view of the courthouse across the street and the big main thoroughfare. Anything with sirens goes by, I'm all over it....

Oh, there's also the historical old dead white guy nicely peering at me across the bookshelves from his gold gilt frame. Let's call him John. I mean, odds are, right?

Now, if I just weren't so thirsty....

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