Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rain + rituals

Yeah, I told you about those Fridays, right? They're getting to be too slippery to ever catch....

The rain is pitter-pattering down, I have my first cup o tea, some sweet cherries and Willa intently watching me from my side. Oh, turns out she dislikes my choice of laptop for my lap -- it could be a Willatop, you know!

Last night, another great thunder-with-the-lightening-and-the-pouring-rain storm. Yay! Have I mentioned liking those? And New England weather? No?

Yesterday was graduation day for a dear friend. We got a little time to muse over the importance of these public ceremonies and rituals to mark big passages -- graduations, funerals, weddings. I'm often not deeply excited about attending them beforehand, then once there or soon after, remember/realize our need for them and their key role. Speaking of communal events, I think want I want to go to is a barn raising. How come we don't do those anymore? Or, or ... a quilting bee! Never mind that I would likely stab myself and bleed out all over the quilt, I think it could be fun. Maybe. Maybe that interspersed with the barn raising, that sounds like a good combo. Anyway. Where was I? Ritual. Ceremony. Marking significant occasions. Important stuff.

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