Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The action


Early Walden, amazing as ever. Body remembering how to swim.

More with the job searching and sifting, as ever.

And, a job callback! ! This is good. The full-time one (that's f-t to you, Miss Sam) but with early schedule/telecommuting. Altho they mentioned a different job in the message. Hmmmmmmmmm. We shall see, hopefully shortly.

Also: running (then shuffling, then striding, then ... moving forward however possible) 400m x 3 carrying a 35-lb weightplate. This was unique. Quite hard. Cars were actually stopping to watch us. Pushups were interspersed. Yeah!

Next up, hopefully a job phone call, then skeedaddling out to this thing. You know, one of those things that's maybe sorta networking but with a point/purpose, entrepreneur stuff, some interesting speakers. If I can stay awake....

Maybe thunderstorms tomorrow morn ... please, no electrocution on the water!

And that's today.

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