Monday, June 14, 2010

The Weekender: There was ...

There was grey.
There was rain.
There was humidity.
There was a brief boathouse porch BBQ.
There was kind of a lot of eating, including nutella-stuffed french toast (not at the BBQ, moving on, people, moving on).
There was a visit from the favorite surgeon-in-the making (Pepper's mommy!) who did some hand-destroying rowing.
There was a damp Pride parade with some half-or-more naked people. And some perfectly ordinary people.
There was eating of the delicious unfinishable Cheescake-place salad.
There was highly random painting of one hand's nails while killing time in Sephora awaiting table for said salad (alas, camera is in car, perhaps a picture tomorrow).
There was a politician's breakfast in Revere (wow), which entailed some fried potato and mini-muffin eating on my part.
There was continued resume working.
There was a trying of a new Harv Square restaurant, tasty beer, tasty sliver of a pizza.
Lastly, there was a plugging-onward Monday in which I almost forgot to finish The Weekender!


  1. Of all the people that I know, I do not have, at my disposal, a rowing maven. I'm looking into buying a rowing machine for my workout room. Insight?

  2. Do it!

    Oh, you were looking for more than that? What kind of insight?

    Concept2 is pretty much the way to go - they've been around, think they're cheaper, are what all rowers/rowing teams use. I've heard you can get them cheap used on eBay or CL or wherever.

    Worth it to do your research, either online (C2 site is great, and check out the British version, have heard they have even more around technique & workouts) or, better yet, find a local rower or coach to drill good form in you. Totally worth it to not fuck up your back. Start small & slow & build.

    But, it's an awesome full-body workout, ergs (rowing machines) don't take up much space, and they have their whole own crazy culture.

    Does that help? Any specific questions?

  3. I've been reading research on rowing technique. It's quite fascinating. I'm a proponent of technique, whatever the activity. I will certainly try to keep my future rowing form correct. For an experienced rower such as yourself, what are targets that you hope to achieve when exercising on an "erg". And if you would rather email me directly, please do so at

  4. Oh sheesh, I gotta say, rowing-lover tho I may be, I am NOT, um, what you would call an impressive erger. In fact, I generally avoid it. So, no numbers from me, but I think C2 should be able to give you some sense of what to aim for.