Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekender: Surgeons & Chicagoans & storms, o my!

A weekend of busy and fun, now, the returning to the norm....

Those crazy surgeons
Friday offered a little change of pace, always a nice thing. Headed down to the lovely & lush Connecticut (it still surprises me how much green stuff you see from freeways here).

Why? For the annual "fancy-schmancy" surgical resident graduation dinner. Not its official name, but you get the point. I didn't quiz SurgeonSam (Pepper's mom) quite enough about the dress code, so I looked a little more like the wives of the higher-up surgeons -- a little more long and black and funeral -- than most of the women in colorful cocktail dresses, but it mattered precisely not at all.

The event featured a lovely locale, right along the water. No, I don't know which water. There were cocktails in the pretty steamy sun. Then there was dinner and speeches, some quite entertaining, some unheard because of the far more pressing tales of children's antfarms from the not-sober surgeon seated next to me. But I did get credit from her for knowing the things in the salad were hearts of palm. And we read a brief but fascinating hearts-of-palm history on her iPhone. Did you know Costa Rica is the biggest ... hm, think it was producer of them? Anyway, then it was on with the music and the dance floor. I had to take a detour to the lovely, quiet outdoors for a bit first, check out the adjacent water, get a mosquito bite, then joined in. Surgeons, some of them can truly get down, who knew?

The visiting! With the eating!
Then it was back-homing to see the lovely visiting Chicagoans. Oh wait, there was a ridiculous breakfast first. I even have a picture, let's see if I can get it on here....

Anyway, so much talking and laughing and catching up and raspberry eating and crepe eating and Christina's ice cream eating (Tazo chocolate! sundae!) and good all around.

Regattas & rain
Sunday brought my club's annual regatta, Cromwell Cup (twitter feed), so very early volunteering with setup for me, then I managed a dash to Walden for first swim of the season (divine, tho water still a little chilly), some yoga, followed by blessed downtime, then back to the boathouse for foodstand help, ice procuring and a short but impressive thunder- and lightning-infused downpour. Our regatta director called it with beautiful timing, got everyone off the water and indoors, and the sky opened. Watched the sheeting downpour from the upstairs porch, while one by one, others scooted inside. Then the skies cleared, racing continued, and I was done. It was off for more chatting, wandering and delicious eating with the Chicagoans, then happy collapsing into bed.

Today, back to the real world, ahhhhhhh.... You can decide all the undertones there.

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