Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What really matters in a day?

There was a wounded blue jay in my driveway/backyard today.

It greatly distressed & worried me. Generally, I tend to/like to think I'm not all *that* soft-hearted, but something about hurt & suffering, esp an animal, ack. But I simultaneously get the anxiety/frustration & annoyance surge of not wanting my day, my time disturbed ... and what the hell can I do anyway.

The little guy could fly some, but not far or high. I only saw him because his buddy jay was screeching up a storm, and I got cold (my house is a fine icebox) and got up to get a sweater and was walking back to the couch (my current work station, haven't been able to work in oficina for a week or more ... hmm), when I thought, what the hell, let's check out the racket, and glanced out the bedroom window.

I saw the orange neighbor cat lying on the driveway on his stomach and nearby was the blue jay, standing there. I instantly knew something was wrong w the scenario and ran outside. I scared the orange cat away, but the blue jay just stood there for a while.

I stood there watching him, not knowing what to do, but figuring I could at least keep the neighbor cat from hunting and eating him. After several minutes, it's like he woke up, tho his eyes had been open and his head turning a little, but he suddenly started cheeping and hopping around. Seemed like he was looking for/talking to his buddy, who was still screaming from the tree.

He hopped a little and kept trying to fly up onto the metal guardrail thing in the parking lot, but couldn't make it. It was really sad. Finally he did. And sat there for maybe an hour. Seemed like a better place than the ground, tho still within cat's reach.

I kept peering out to check on him, while trying to steadfastly work on my website. Then I saw he was back on the ground, hopping, flying a little, but getting nowhere good. Then he went hopping toward my garage spot and wound up under my car. Great.

That's the last I saw of him, but he didn't stay there. I really, really hope he made it somewhere safe, and that he makes it.

His little life and death struggle seems a lot more dramatic and important than any of my minor struggles today.


Oh, and while in Starbucks, I discovered a friendly local musician, check him out: Ryan LaPerle. Nice sound.

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