Monday, June 7, 2010

The gatos

If I'm periodically reporting on Sucio's It's Scary! list, then I am also dutybound to report on his great bravenesses. This weekend, he firmly and bravely held his ground on the corner of the couch for TWO different visitors! And there was great rejoicing throughout the land. True, they're visitors who're here a lot, but still. Great bravery. There was even some cautious petting. Willa, of course, played the queen as she always does for the people who come to pay homage to her. Woe to those who might be in the vicinity without putting any hands upon her. Woe.

Anyway, this is the gatos being adorable. Doing very good impersonations of being friends. But not to worry, Sucio shows a scratch above his eye today. sigh

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