Friday, June 25, 2010

Finesse (what a great word, too bad it was overtaken by a shampoo)


It happened again! By day's end, as my brain was full & turning to much, I forgot my beautiful little blog! So sad. But you must admit, it happens rarely, right?

OK. So the really exciting thing about yesterday? (Wow, every word had a typo after I typed that sentence ... you know I was excited.)

I became Queen of the Wall Sit! Yes! The prize that eluded me last week. Very exciting. And, it followed my crowning as Queen of the Front-Raise Hold (it's not quite as catchy a title).

It went down at the end of former-Marine-(with the missing toes, remember that story?)-led Newton boxing class (not to be confused with the Original Allston class or the North Station Mixed-Martial-Arts-studio-inside-gym classes, both led by the original, the awesome, technique-king, punk-rock instructor).

Got all that? What was I saying?

Oh, how it went down. So, yeah. We now do King/Queen of [blank] challenge at the end of each class. After winning the front raise title, I was still stomping around and pouting about losing the wall sit one last week, demanding a rematch, and my key competitor heard and fell prey to my smack talk, so we had a wall-sit-off (as the instructor and most others in the class left, shaking their heads), and I won!

That was totally the day's highlight.

I was also frustrated by continuing phone/e-tag with the maybe-position HR person, now put off to Monday. grrr. argh.

And got a maybe glimmer from a maybe small-scale client with a website project, yay!

And there was the lovely & wonderful acupuncture. Apparently, my pattern is a chi deficiency. (Of course, maybe I just burn through it as soon as I generate it! :) Given my growing, um, income focus, my usual points were all much touchier/stronger than usual. Pretty fascinating stuff.

This morning, I took a step closer to learning/doing handstand pushups. Whoo-hoo!

Oh yeah, and the website.... Well. Not gonna say lots about this yet, but ... there is yes with the progressing somewhat. As in, there are pages and there are words on the pages. Not finished words! Not quite right words! But words. Who knew such a thing would make me want to throw up. Steps, steps. The words will be more finessed next week....

OK, I gots an ever-growing to-do list that needs gittin' to. And a certain someone who'll be askin' about it at day's end (blows a kiss)....

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