Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekender: Squashed by the heat bug

Sad, but looking likely to be true. There's already a heat-something warning on the day -- that ball of light in the sky + humidity pushing us to 100s today.

House's long closed up, fans going, gatos passed out on bed. I see an air-conditioned library in my immediate future. But first, I think my crazy self is resolved to go through with a noon workout. Huh. I have no words, no explanation. I dunno. Heat insanity?

So, even tho heat has overtaken The Weekender, there isn't actually any giant actionpacked earthaltering update you're missing. Shocking, I know. Usually my weekends alter the orbit of the earth and the universe's plans. Did get to see my favorite Chicagoans on a last pass-thru the city before they headed out this morn, so that was lovely. Sucio tried to be brave for them ... and somewhat succeeded. He's also gained another nickname: Stay Puff. Puffy? Suce-Puff? Yielding a full formal name of Comandante Sucio "Puffy" Montoya? He's gonna be a rap-star kitty, just watch.

Just poked myself outside, and it's not actually as terrible a swelter as I thought. There is a bit of a breeze. So now I have high hopes of not dying in the noon workout.

All right, there's The Weekender, over & out.

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