Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's one of those days where I'm not quite sure what to say. Plenty on my mind, but not sure what to say.

No particularly entertaining stories, weather's being, well, San Diego-ishly nice. No crazy workouts (as of yet). Work stuff ... yeah ... that's what's on my mind, not so sure I really want to talk about it. Let's just say ... the next 6 weeks will be interesting.

Tied in in some remote way that I can't see yet is that I just finished Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Started reading them many years ago, what feels like, well, what was a different life ago. But I remained hooked. And I'm sorta fascinated by what he did with the last two books: He wrote himself in as a character. I was shocked. Not sure what I thought of it. Guess I'm still not sure, except it feels right. These books were like ... maybe not his life's work, but maybe. And it perhaps took his near-death from getting hit by a car a few years back to show or remind him of that. So he finished them.

And that piece in turn ties in with the amazing Mr. Pressfield who I'm currently pretty infatuated with. Except I say that in jest, because it goes deeper than infatuation. I think it's that I'm hooked on his truthtelling. He's talking about doing our life's work as well. About cutting the crap and excuses, not that he's not sympathetic, and doing it.

It all dovetails, but I'm still shuffling the puzzle pieces around on the coffee table (yes, the metaphorical one, someday I'll get a real one) as of yet. So that's me, today.

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