Thursday, June 17, 2010

The day? Trudging on

The day, it has fleeted.

So, sigh. I applied for a full-time position today. I know, I know! I know. It bums me out, but -- but. After the first 3 months, it's telecommute. And, for the first 3 months, it's a 6:30-3 schedule. Which I kinda dig, except, except ... it's gonna fuck up coached rowing :(((((( and noon boxing :(((((((((. Which would be a huge bummer.

And for anyone mayhap rolling your eyes right now -- just substitute those words for "quality of life" or "sanity." But, in a variant on the erg-test saying "you can do anything for 2 minutes" ... I can do anything for 3 months, right?

And, and, I'll stop acting like the offer's at my feet and oh dear, what will I do ... until the offer appears at my feet.

Anyway. Now is the time of the continued much focus toward income, which is quite appropriate. No under-bridge-living looming yet; I'll let you know if an address change is coming.

It's also just time for some things to happen; I'm antsy.

And the website ... is making me want to take up shooting as a hobby. But I'm striving to get something up tomorrow, as planned. The words are mostly ready but who knew "easy! it's so easy! wordpress is easy!" templates would be 1) so hard to find a decent one (there are, BTW, something like 12,000 of them ... or was it 1,200? doesn't matter) and 2) so not-quite easy.

So, you can tell I'm not super cheery & sunshiny here (much like our weather, which is just FINE by me), but I maintain that's OK, too. So it goes sometimes.

Sometimes, it's a slog. Sometimes you're trudging. Me, I'm trudging right now. I'm OK with that.

And ... say it with me: BEAT LA!

p.s. In boxing class tonight? We had a King/Queen of Wall Sit contest ... and I LOST! Damnit. Hate losing. Hate being mortal, really....

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