Friday, November 6, 2009

What billows?

That was lots of words yesterday, y'all. Lots. Great, billowing piles of words (I say words can both pile AND pillow. Prove me wrong.)

I'll go easy today. Just watch me be light and airy and streamlined.

Real problem is, I ran out of my hours in the day to break yesterday's mass up in pieces or otherwise chunkify it. It's a learning curve, bear with.

There's a chiropractor in my morning, then a friendly coachly reality check, and later I think a Pixie purchase (gulp)!

As I tap away here at my kitchen table, I suddenly spy a suspicious object -- is that cat hair on my placemat?? *disappointed sigh* I raised them with better manners than this.

OK, so maybe these look slightly less damning than they look in real life, but trust me -- that IS a piece of cat fur! I think they cleaned up a little before the photo. And, the REAL point here -- I not only TOOK a (soulstealing) digital photo ... I got it onto a COMPUTER ... and then onto a BLOG. People, there are no words. My mother & family are shocked and stunned, trust me.

Pile of words aren't the only thing billowing today, wind is too, so my back gets a rest day (hear that, back??). Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with it entirely healed?? (My delusions are precious to me.)

I'll also make moves on that Pilates to-do and just LOOK at what I've done on the soulstealer promise....

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