Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little rowing, a little reflecting

Day 2: steadily moving onward. Well, at least time is. Cats stepping up efforts to make me a respectable cat through accelerated hair-shedding (and sharing) - now that we're coworkers, I think they worry I'm really failing at the furry dress code.

I realize I can actually read the paper again in the morning. Stunning.

And I don't know, but this creeping realization is starting to whisper in a little rustley voice to me. It says: this life? this reading, writing, rowing, couch-with-catting, little-daily-accomplishmenting life? THIS I think I could get used to....

What else of note?
- I'm now reachable/back on all you W Coasters' morning commute rounds - got to hear about some work trauma/drama and a new baby still in the baking - pretty exciting vicarious living!
- Also, that Charles River, high noon, was absolutely lovely. Sunny, just a little wind, 50-something temps at least, just a few other scullers to exchange mad grins and shouts of "amazing weather!" with. Then I succumbed to a little dock lounging to store up the memory of what it feels like to have sun beat down without innumerable layers impeding movement.

(Irresistable weather segue:)
Were those really possible snow showers I saw for later this week? Well, of course. Wonderful, ever-changeable New England. You San Diegans who tease me about always talking about weather simply have no idea of how endlessly INTERESTING it can be. I'm not even kidding. Like tomorrow - wind looks lowish (under 10 mph) around 6 and 7 a.m., and the real-feel temp forecasts high 20s. Huh. That'll be cold. Or, I could wait a few hours, head out around 3/4ish, same winds, and get mid-40s. I think I know my decision. But - it is strange and hard to row at off hours - as nice as it is to have the river to myself, it's just so darn weird - full daylight, maybe even sunshine, an eerily dark and quiet boathouse, no standing on the dock, holding the boat over your head waiting for space to clear ... just doesn't feel right. But, I'm working hard to persuade myself that my back appreciates any increase in degrees in its efforts to hold itself together.... (Still, odd. But - what is a sabbatical if not to row at crazy hours, while warm & toasty at home with cats and tea at 5:30 a.m., right?? A few of you might have other ideas about what to do at 5:30, but, there's my nod to the "crazy" in the title....)

A mini NH reunion tonight, should be fun to see a few faces - god knows it take us small eternities and 986 emails to get our acts together to meet.

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