Friday, November 20, 2009

The good life

It was raining, it was pouring, the old man was snoring, went to bed, bumped his hea ... and suddenly the sun was shining ... and now it's not ... OK, my song is disintegrating before my very eyes. Or ears.

It did indeed turn into a warm, sunny, glorious day, at one point. But it would be boring to stay. And so it didn't. Clouds and wind came for variety.

And now, at day's wrapup, I have peaceable gatos bookending me on the couch.
Oven is heated for pizza.
Water is near boiling for tea.
And a dear friend's on her way over.
It is the small things that remind me how dear and beautiful life is.

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  1. OK, now I'm pretending to not be me as I post a comment. Also/still for my mother. See, mom - comments!