Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, lite

As temps hit a rare 62 today, the outside world irresistibly beckons. I'm off to row in glorious sun and warmth, then need to find an outside spot to perch myself. That means it's a "word lite" day for all of us....

Tonight: the facebook showdown! at Sam's! no matter how he tries to squirm out of it.
We'll see if my skepticism can be overcome (I'm skeptical).

Oh yes, I've begun to welcome a lovely new addition to the family (OK, I got her out of the box, then was paused at the seemingly simple introductory screen about transferring files from another machine): she's sleek, gleamingly white, weighing in at just 4.7-pounds (name finalization underway). I hope to be posting from her shortly, soon as I can figure out the surely simple process of migrating files (cakewalk, cakewalk).


Before taking off for the facebook facedown (clever, right? yeah, I don't think so either), had to mention the noteworthy fact of rowing in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt! Walking around in flipflops! Crazy, wonderful warmth on a November Boston day. Exposing skin to warm air while gliding along the river, its surface mirroring the yellows, oranges and reds of fall foliage ... pretty stunning. Tomorrow supposed to be even warmer! Wednesday I think reality will return. Oh yes, for you counters: managed 8 miles today (bringing us to 180.5 ... out of 500 miles ... yeah).

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