Thursday, November 12, 2009

Radiator cats

Last night I met with a very cool woman who handles communications for a specialized group within Mass General hospital. We chatted about her work history and job finding and various ideas and masters' programs, then moved on to talk about rowing (she was a member of my club several years back) and then world adventures. She backpacked around the world -- Asia, Africa, a little time in Europe. Quit her job, put her stuff in storage, and went for it. Alone. For 16 months (people joined her a few times for a few weeks). I like to think I'm adventuresome and independent, but that sorta blows my mind. She said it was amazing.

Although hourly was projecting wind, I went for it this morning, had a good row (8 miles! -- my back def complaining by the end, but manageable). So, reminds me what I already know -- my favorite weather site is a useful tool, NOT an end-all, be-all. Also helps to head upstream for flatter waters. I went out late in rowing time (around 7), but still early enough to have some other rowers out. It's kinda fun to have the steering component around others boats to think about -- I was in a middle of a flock of college crews for a bit -- entertaining when there aren't so many boats to maneuver around that it turns into a stresser. Oh yes, and I bypassed the 200-mile mark. We can't really cheer because, well, there are 300 to go. Yeah. I would be psyched to reach the 400s, but don't think that's going to happen. Oh yeah, since I talk about rowing so much, here are a few shots from my boathouse dock, one looking left, one right. After rowing in San Diego's Mission Bay, it still seems funny sometimes to be rowing in the middle of a city with freeways, big buildings, busy roads and industry around, depending on where on the river you're at.

(Wish I could figure out how to manipulate the photos better, but they're at least pretending to not be mobile.)

Other bits of the day's productivity that don't make for good stories involved more computer stuff -- trying to get loaned laptop all cleaned up (not quite as simple as I'd hoped), and then upgrading my wireless modem (look left, she's cute) to get me above snail's pace for the cheap wifi I've been using. Like I said, no good stories, but think of it as building the foundation -- not very sexy, but quite necessary for this new-life/next-steps I'm setting upon. Acupuncture tonight -- when I went last week, first week into jobfree state, he told me I was like a different person in terms of my body's responses (for example, there's this stress point in your foot I always get needled, and often jump about a mile from the response, and last week - nothing. not a twitch. crazy what can happen when you take away a giant stresser, huh?)

All right, onward and upward. Wait, how about some lists? Haven't done in, what? a few days?

Listening to: David Gray, A New Day at Midnight
Drinking: Lady Grey tea, sweet, in my red-with-white-etched-flowers mug
Gatos: Willa, passed out in front of living room radiator, Sucio? ditto in bedroom
Daylight: Decidedly dusk, at 4:30!
Pilates: uh-oh, no update
Boat miles: 202.5
Discovery of the day: There are almost NO Rite Aid Pharmacies left around here anymore!

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