Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 1

Day 1, morning 1 of a new world. All open pathways, no defined workspace, work hours, wow.

Since I have that sickness in the blood (thank you, rowing) that craves witnessing daybreak, and makes me feel I've missed out if I awake to daylight, I woke up at 5:30, gathered fleece layers (it was 30-something out, Californians) and headed for Walden Pond.

Was greeted by multi-hued fall foliage riming the pond, not a ripple across its mile(?) circumference, and a gliding, wisping layer of fog, dissipating upward into the morning light. And the only soul I had to share with was a dark-blue figure clumping along the far concrete-reinforced side, yellow-tipped boots flashing.

Other than Walden's early-morning glory, beginning a long line of emails to the outside world, including a few NHers (hi, guys! sorry you're still toiling in cubeland - enjoy the free coffee!), some home puttering and tea drinking, the other two accomplishment of note were:

1) to confirm that my beloved 5-year-old iBook, Nixecai, is not only dead, but "obsolete" (so sayeth the nice computer store man, wish I could've sniffed dismissively and stomped out, but he wasn't the first to say it, only the last to confirm it). Alas, sweet Nix, you served me well and I already MISS you! Plus, have to figure out how much I can fork over for a new or refurbished MacBook (name to somehow include Pix or Pixie - hey, not my fault if I channel computer/car/appliance/plant/etc. names).

2) to be pleased that I am old and wise enough to know that, when scanning Craigslist writing gigs, to know that "female writer wanted for web advertisement" (well, that's weird, how could gender dictate writing style/ability?), that clicked in to a call for a "female sensual writer" for a "sensual" (how DID that poor, worthy word become so degraded??) advertisement with "compensation discussed once we chat over phone" was not something to go near with a 10-, 20- or 100-foot pole. Gratitude for small mercies/wisdoms, indeed....

All in all, not a bad start to a "brave" (this my favorite adjective folks have bestowed upon me - b/c the flip word is undoubtedly crazy/stupid - the former not so bad, the latter not so desirable) new existence.

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