Friday, November 13, 2009

*blink* Week over!

Well. The gatos are fighting, at least when Sucio isn't wandering around, wailing his little kitty heart out for unknown reasons. (Wanted to upload peaceable pictures of the gatos, but it'll require disconnecting and reconnecting, so, tomorrow.) It's a grey day, windy, not looking promising for rowing today OR tomorrow. [big frowny face] And it's Friday. The happy day for weekday workers. Marker of the end of my second week of a new life.

It's surprising to me, even though I'm already well familiar with the increasing fluidity of time, just how quickly time evaporates. Like I wake up (early, mind you), and then it's 10, then I'm showered and ready to do something, and then it's nearly noon. It's like: blink, blurrrr. Blink, blurrrrr. And the day's over. So, my productivity will come back to those boring essential buildingblocks of setting specific goals, carving out chunks of time and planning when precisely I'm going to use those chunks. And so on. Lists, structure, goals. The true essentials of life. This stuff about fresh air, sunlight, drinking water, shelter? Naw.

Got a few interesting glimmers of possibilities -- something involving social media (those of you who are positively guffawing right about now with my facebook credentials can just STOP), another something that might allow me to try my hand at a grant proposal. Yeehaw. We'll see, you know you'll hear the details!

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