Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Migration begins

Happily, today dawned better and brighter -- not literally, we have white-gray skies above, but the temps are still 60s. Today looks to be the last day of such, then back to high of 50s we go (which is still not so bad, given what's coming our way ... BLIZZARDS, y'all! sorry, got a little excited there).

Today feels like a day to start sifting and sorting and planning. Good stuff. I've already bravely attempted to tackle computer file migrating, only to realize the two dear computers, sitting back to back on the little green cube, connected with a wire, couldn't find each other. Such is it with many of us in life, right? So, I'm cheerfully off to the friendly local Mac shop to let the pros handle it! But because the gleaming little dears are headed off to their own brave new world, had to give a heads-up so that if there's a pause in word flow, you'd know why. If all goes well, they should be safely nestled back in their home chicken coop tonight, but y'know, brave new worlds contain unknown monsters that sometimes require slaying, so we shall see....

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