Sunday, November 22, 2009

The weekender (double edition)

It's been almost two days! Two! I've missed you, all of you, missed the tap tap tapping away. My weekend just passed in a great blur of excitement, and I'll share all the thrilling details. Well, maybe not all ... seeing as there's a slight (teeny tiny) chance they may only be thrilling to me ... I'll give you snippets, how's that? But, it HAS been two days of random thoughts vs the usual one (DAY, not thought!), so there could be much randomness. You're forewarned.

Oh, and I understand from my vast readership (hi mom!) there might be a few other readers occasionally added on along the way, which is lovely. Welcome aboard! I can't attest to the fascination level of reading about my daily exploits, but I'll sure try to entertain.

Let's start with a list!

Best uses of benches along the Charles on a mid November day (as seen from the water):
  • To do your tricep pushups off the edge of
  • To sit facing your sweetheart, look deep into each others' eyes, enjoy an autumn kiss
  • To put your foot on so you can roll up your pantleg - hey, it's warm out, and you're running
  • To perch on the edge and do sort of frenzied v-sit crunches on (note: they'd be WAY more effective if you slowed down)
  • To just sit, watch the rowers row by ... enjoy the beautiful fall day
As I sit down to write this, and I hear the sweet, adorable children upstairs pounding around like a herd of elephants, except elephants probably couldn't achieve this noise level, it suddenly comes to me in a flash: payback! I'm getting payback! How many times, no matter how much we were told and warned, did my brother and I tear up and down the hallways of our house? Now, this hallway was MADE for tearing up and down -- one long hallway that ran almost the entire length of the house? With a little jumpoff ramp (two steps down into the living room) so we could leap and complete the distance? Now, my dad's office WAS under the house, and he WAS involved in patching people's psyches back together and that was reportedly NOT helped by the sweet sounds of our pitterpattering feet above.... All this to say -- we hear parents talking about an alltime sweetest moment when their own kids call them, as parents themselves, wailing about the same behavior in their kids they inflicted on their parents. What could be sweeter? So, it seems there's a cycle that's been completed by the little children above....

Last night was another rousing game of Scattergories with friends, much fun. If anyone has inside scoops on a species of crocodiles classified as Nile crocodiles, has owned a "miniature Mighty Mouse" or can provide photographic evidence of a trapeze in a park ... you gotta let me know!

Mileage update! For those of you waiting for the day's numbers, I'm up to 258 miles on my own, and with a few friends' help, can tack on another 26 (totaling 284, if my math skills don't desert me). We're inching along! The temps are mostly holding, getting a little cooler, we're probably nearing the end of our 50s days. 40s are still doable, high 30s, OK, low 30s ... uh ... 20s? Uh-uh.

What's that? You want to hear about the gatos? Well, the gatos are ... sure sleeping a lot. Shocking, I know. They're passed out on either side of me, the famous gato bookend. They are having food troubles. It's troubling to all. Willa's getting a wee bit up there in years (9!) and is at that kitty stage where ... the technical term is she barfs a lot. I think I've mentioned this before? It's fun. Her favorite spot is my bed. Because all the wood and tile floors everywhere else are just too easy to clean up. So, after she got a clean bill of health from the vet, we're seeking a food that doesn't trigger the barfing. Apparently, though, when you switch to special foods known as "bland diet" they don't taste so great. Who would've guessed? So we now have THREE bags of bland diet food in the house to try and get her to eat. Four-year-old Sucio, quaking giant marshmellow of a cat, must suffer along. And - wow - in that very sentence, Willa oh-so lazily reached out her paw, tapped my water bottle, and over it went. Sucio ran in terror. Willa interestedly supervised the cleanup action (cool! look what I did!).

So, the other high jinks I got up to this weekend involved ... a photo shoot. Yes, I can hear you all gasping and laughing. I'd join you, but I had to do a PHOTO SHOOT. And now I have a million pictures to hunt through to find ONE that won't scare small children. My mother feels my pain. Yes. I forced two loving, loyal friends to come take my picture, well, many of them, an activity I hate. The picture taking, not my friends coming over. Let's just say I need them for certain online presences. I would share some of the more hysterical ones (by which I mean, quite bad) ... but I'm not a fool. This is the Internet. They'd be laughing up on the space shuttle. Perhaps I'll offer one of the more obscured ones. I also just attempted to start using Picasa, and I'm sure it's REALLY easy, really....OK , you get the arty She Walks in Trees shots....

I'm saving tofurkeyday planning excitement (read: nutloaf) for tomorrow, I believe. Oh yes, and I'll introduce you to Drum. He's not really a drum, yet he's Drum. Stay tuned.

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