Monday, November 30, 2009

The eyes are crossed

(Little black xx's? Tongue poking out mouth? Maybe.)

Wow, the day, it did a GOOD disappearing act on me! Like, not your average, going pretty fast, whoops, it's gone. No, like it VANISHED. I suspect several hours of computer work/Internet searching helped do the trick. In fact, because my butt (sorry for the adult content) has taken on the exact form of the couch, and I think each side of me is coated in gato fur from each respective gato flanking me ... I had to up and move ... a whole room away ... hello, kitchen table!

So, what do I have to report? Mainly what you already know, that many hours of computer work and research makes you tired, makes your eyes cross and brain swirl ... and makes your butt conform to the shape of the couch. Don't have any shiny exciting finding to dangle before your collective eyes, but I found some good information, blogs and newsletters from all those smart people out on the InterWeb, already doing what I seek to do. Operation Don't Reinvent Wheel, in other words. Which reminds me of my idea for Operation De-procrastinate. Remind me to tell you about that one....

In other news, I'm down to my last birthday brownie, but they've lasted THIS long! A miracle! Hear that, mom? (She'd comment, but she's having comment troubles. We'll see if we can't fix that at Christmastime. And then my blog will be complete with mother comments. Hm. Do we want this??)

Today brought more rain, that's pretty exciting, right? Managed to get on the water first. The wind was rearing her ugly, unlikeable head (only when I'm on the water, I swear, I dig her EVERY other time), but temps were warm, definitely warmer than the projected low 40s, so it was frustrating to not get more time and mileage on the water. Mileage alert! I'm at ... 2 ... (I just forgot!) ... 2 ... 89! 289! And guest mileage is ... (crap) ... 48, I think! Gettin' there, gettin' there. Anyway, the water, it be cold. Cold. I dipped my hand in to splash water on the creaking oarlock and ... it was cold. Not pleasant to think of one's body immersed in that. The time, it's coming....

An interesting little river note on perspective -- from one side of river to next, I was reminded there can be totally different conditions, like little micro microclimates. Heading upstream, I was keeping a close eye on water surface and wind bursts (I'm a safety gal ... just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ... wait, no, not quite like that) and finally decided I should head back. So I spin, head downstream, the water's great, where's the wind? So I decide to do another mile lap in the middle, cross the river ... whoosh! Wind! Little waves! And we're not remotely talking a giant open stretch of river here, maybe ... OK, I'm TERRIBLE with distance, but not that far! Like ... 50 feet across? (I'll have you know I'm mentally imaging how many lengths of my brother it would take to cross the river. Yes, the Charles River, as measured in Justins.) Other note, the feel of the water today ... something about it, it just felt good, grabbing the oar blade just so. Even with the wind (which wasn't that bad) it just felt comfortable.... I think I am getting a weeny bit more comfortable rowing in wind, and the warm temps were reassuring, the sun even broke through at one point, and probably being off the water for 3 days helped (2 days of high winds, and yesterday, after my first return to the Harvard stadium in 6 months, then yoga ... I just couldn't....).

The last note of significance (deep significance, mind you) would be that my body is helpfully pointing out about 20 ways in which I'm not in great shape, thank you, Harvard stadium walking tour and boxing class for the reminders. Made it to a Pilates class today -- it's been a LONG time, used to go all the time, now I'm like, what's with all the breathing, now? Do what with my leg, arm, head, torso? All at once? But winter, she's a -comin', gotta start branching out for the river freeze (sad puppy-dog eyes)....

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