Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New heights of wild & crazy

It was a wild & crazy late night (home close to 10! gasp! on a "school" night!) so a late start this morn - nearer to 6:30. And, is it a bad sign if on Day 3 of a new blog about my new existence I'm reduced to bedtime & wakeup times as fodder?? Probably.

Part of the evening was a discussion with my mom of laptop as tax writeoff (yes, still debating - several hundred cheaper refurbished v new MacBook - yes, cheaper than Mac exist, but I'm not looking to shoot myself with frustration this early into a lovely new existence. really, people. anyway, resolution to come this week). This discussion led to me excitedly proclaiming to her that I've started a blog! A blog! Yes, so it's fun and great, I get to write, answer everyone's FAQs, put it out there in the public realm, even if not in print, and (picking up on decidedly unenthusiastic silence) ... do you know what a blog IS, mom?? "Yes, but I've never see one." OK, fair enough -- true for most of the world, right? So I try to explain: "It's like a website [just caught myself writing per NH style guide! changed course pronto], well, it IS a website, and it's a little bit like a journal, it archives for you by date, but you can [me, faltering] ..." really not garnering much on the enthusiasm front. So, I'll send her a link, and maybe the link won't work for her, or maybe the mere existence of the link will be enough for her ("That's nice, dear ... no, I never clicked on it....").

2 proclamations regarding me reluctantly making my way into this century
1) I don't even want to say the f word. No, I can't bear it. And I am NOT (not) saying I will, but I am going to EXPLORE the prospect of so sadly making my way into f*&#%&ook land. EXPLORE. We'll see if it can alleviate my privacy fears. And I'm dragging Sam with me! Hear that, Sam??

2) I shall hereby (heretofore) explore the possibility of maybe taking pictured with those newfangled digita-wha? devices that can steal your souls, people, and look to place said soulstealers upon this very site. I shall try.

I will now pause the writing, as everyone who knows me is lying sideways on the floor in astonishment, maybe clutching their chests, and there are a lot of worried sig others & childrens in the world right now. Too much for my conscience.

Listening: Ray LaMontagne's Trouble
Reading: Water for Elephants
Wearing: Jammies & fleece sweatshirt
Gatos: Perched approvingly around me on the couch (Sucio claiming a corner of the laptop as his personal facescratcher)
To-do list: Find Pilates class (aim for middle of the day! hell, revel in this existence), see if I can recreate muscle tone in my body

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