Saturday, November 14, 2009

Down it comes

Awoke to rain. I love (love love) that tapping sound on the roof and windows (maybe I need to look into a tin roof?). All the more when I can dive back into a cozy nest of a bed for just a little bit more. But, my early-morning wiring seems to be alive and well (OK, combined with the pounding from above of those sweet, sweet neighbor children, rarin' to go before 6 a.m., apparently).

A little work partyin' to be done at the boathouse this morning (club requires a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per year from every member) -- there may be some toilet and/or shower scrubbing in my very near future, oh boy. Boxing class this afternoon (yippee -- whoever would've guessed punching things [that's things, not people] would be such an amazing release?? LOVE it), followed by some quality mellow hangout + productivity time with a friend -- looks like the weather will preclude our walk idea, but we'll concoct dinner, have some great conversation, get some things done.

Tried to take a picture out my window to show the lovely rain (novelty for San Diego folk), but funny how those shots just don't turn out....

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