Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple, cloudlike thoughts

I only have fleeting. fleecey thoughts, drifting across a rather vacant mind at the moment. It's been a gray day, rain coming toward its end. All the cozier to be indoors with the gatos. And I could feel virtuous for battling elements out on the river (well, there were a few buffeting wind gusts and a few times the river looked to be developing waves, which can be downright scary in a little, tippy boat) to then be curled and tea snuggly during the bulk of the day.

Oh -- there was unexpected morning excitement in two forms:
1) in the form of seven (count 'em, 7) firetrucks and emergency vehicles arriving at the house next to mine. And firetrucks had ladders extended onto the house from the front AND back, firefighters trotting around ... all kinds of exciting. Not sure what it was about, but all appeared to end well.
2) and in that three people (3!) wound up rowing Pepper this morning, so she got a total of 18 miles in one day! Now, if we could only replicate each day, but not so easy as a rule.

Job pokings continue, for you who have been too polite to ask, but I'm not launching into full-out effort as of yet. I can tell it's a balancing act, as I'm enjoying my time so very much, but also wanting and needing efforts for future and productivity to counterbalance the downtime. And, there will come a point when I need and will want to be more fully engaged, and of course I can't just hang out until then and expect to get quick results. So, it's nudging myself along, look at postings, build the network, follow instincts and interest.

In a similar vein -- can't remember if I've already said -- I can feel how not-ready I am to launch into something full-time in the now/immediate future, but that is a balance point, too. The tides will turn, teeter will totter, and I need to have already laid the groundwork and have some structure for full-scale construction efforts. To mix in three metaphors in one line. Awesome.

And now, it is past my bedtime. Apparently, not every post can quite be a laugh a minute, or deep and profound, just like the many moments of our lives. And because it's too late to fiddle with camera and uploading photos, you'll have to meet Drum tomorrow. The mysterious Drum....

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